Nardia and Georga specialize in the art of Harmonies and have worked together for a number of years. With their unique blues and Jazz voice blend, their vibrant personalities & endearing stage presence, this

pair has been described as both memorising and highly entertaining to watch and will be the perfect fit if you are looking for backing vocalists for TV, Entertainment, Live gigs with big band, Studio & session work or vocal harmony groups. Their versatility, passion and professionalism as entertainers has bought them together to perform individually and collectively with a variety of artists including Jeff Duff from Kush, Wylie J Miller from Grand Wazoo, Triple J’s artist Jen Knight & the Cavaliers, Mo-Tunes, Wendy Stapleton, Sam Ludaman and Fatai V from the Voice.

They have also toured internationally and have made live appearances on TV with channel 7, Channel 10 and performed at such venues including Toff In Town, Cherry Bar, Espy, Etihad stadium, Wesley Anne, and will be performing at the VIP Lounge of American pop artist “Pink’s” concert

Please contact us if you would like to book us as a harmony duo