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Ray Charles Musical – Genius:



I’ve found something special. A talented octet that makes and bakes the Jazz/Soul cake at cuisine level. I commend cover bands. I’d rather hear good covers well covered than bad originals straight from or for death row.

Soul Chic have adapted their chosen songs and added their own musically intelligent touch. The blend or sound mix is just perfect and the sound engineers/recording studio are to be applauded and exampled. My radars rarely get treated to this high standard. Delicious, pitch perfect harmonies are delivered with clarity.

I can’t distinguish the two female vocalists, so matched and tight are the pitch perfect harmonics.

The band here has an ideal approach to backing the vocals and not overwhelming them. Vital to this context. They work nicely as a team and that drum level is steady and just right.

Lovely, interludes from the keys. I have to single out the guy on brass as one of the best saxophonists I have ever encountered. Weaving, circling, rolling like a wave and maintaining a dreamy tone, here is potent talent in its own right.

A nod from me- this is auditory delight.

(Michele Boylan, Reviewer)

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